Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Small Update

Well, Mom and I have had cold/sinus problems since Friday. But today we
have a couple errands to do, one that NEEDS to be done. We're looking
for invitations for Leona's baby shower which isn't that far away.

Last week, Dad, Annah, and I did shopping errands the day we got alot of
that snow. It started when we left Aldi's, was pouring hard when we left
WalMart, but it settled down some when we got home. Then we told Mom
we were going to Sam's Club too. What? In this weather? The roads weren't
bad. Everybody took it slow, so that helped. Sam's was so quiet with only
so many customers (very unusual), so after gathering our items, Dad took
his time and we browsed around. The Lord protected us the whole way and we
got home safely without any problems.

We still have lovely snow, and are having another lovley snow fall this morning.
The Lord's blessed us with so much more snow than last year! I'm thankful for
that. When it's winter, I like it to look and feel like it.

Adalynn's becoming a big girl!
Nora playing piano

Nora's becoming a "go" girl. She likes going "bye, bye".
Cake batter cookies for the prayer meeting meal.
The snowy day we did errands.
Arriving home.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Chloe romping. She likes the snow.

Chloe keeping an eye on our territory at dusk.
Lovely sunset
"Let the rocks cry out, if I don't lift my voice.
All creation shout the glories of His name;
Lift your eyes to the sky, see His banner painted high
Praise the name of Jesus Christ! 
Lest the rocks cry out!"
-Rachel Wissmann


  1. Hope you are all feeling well, and enjoying the beautiful snow. From your past posts and pictures I can imagine the baby shower will be filled with good food, good fun and good company for all.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  2. Do you know what happened to the Klein family blog? They were always a fun family to keep up on.

    1. Their blog still exists. But one of their sons redid the website, so maybe you have to find the updated website to find it.

  3. Lovely photographs - such an adorable baby and the cookies look so good! x