Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New person ( Creation )

      I didn't really want to write this, however The Lord has put it on my heart.
My name is Jerry,  Rebecca and Annah's Dad, and husband to My blessing from our
Lord Jesus, Mary.

      We have been hearing how our site has blessed people, encouraged, and maybe
even challenged some people sometimes.  I want to let everyone know ( especially those
on F.J.  )  That the only good in me/us comes through the grace, and gifts ( spiritual gifts )
we have received from our Lord Jesus, The Christ! ( the Anointed one from God )

  I don't like talking about my past because, I am ashamed of it, it was in ignorance of God's
Word. ( That gives No One an excuse for sin! We are accountable whether we believe Him or
not.)  Also I will not give the devil any Glory! 
  I was an alcoholic! My motto was to everyone else: " don't do anything I would do ".
Gags me now.  But we have a gracious God who cared for us soooooo much that He became
a human in the form of a baby, live a sinless life, and paid our sin price on Calvary ( the cross )
died, was buried and rose the 3rd day as it is written in the scriptures.
   One of the worse days in my life, New Years Eve 79' - I called on this God my mother kept trying
to tell me about. " God, I know you are a God, will you show me which way to go??
  He started leading me. He led me through the summer and led me right up to  the place
I needed to be. To the cross of Christ!  It seems ironic to many people, like a joke to some,
it is a blessing for others!!   My big spiritual prayer that day to invite Jesus into my life to
take over my life was;  " Lord Jesus, if you will have me here I am; I don't deserve anything,
I have ruined my life, hurt my family, and hurt everyone around me " I was on my knee's with
my face on the ground waiting for the lightning bolt to hit me.       

    The only thing that hit me was the " Agape' love of God ", He took me, picked me up and cleansed
the slimiest creature you could imagine, did heart surgery by " taking out the heart of stone, and 
replacing it with a heart of flesh " Ezekiel 36:26  The agape' love of God is the ONLY type of love
that gives without expecting anything in return. His grace - we didn't and couldn't earn it.
It is a Gift from God.  Ephesians 2:4-10 ( read it )  He removed the craving for alcohol right then
and right there! There was No 12 step classes.  He has done unto me what is promised in His Word'
His Word, The Holy Bible!  
   I know there is some of you sceptical because it sounds too easy, or maybe you are too old, too young?
Romans 10:9 -11  " if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that
God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. "  ( :11 ) " Whoever believes in Him will not be 
disappointed ".   ( be put to shame )  Yes I was a radical, what about the ones that have never rebelled,
grew up in a Chapel ( church ) under the true teachings of God??  When Adam and Eve sinned, it put a curse on all of mankind. We were eternally separated from God, He couldn't look on us, because He cannot
look at sin. We were born under the curse and still needed to have our rightstanding, our fellowship 
back with God.  He made the provision by sending Jesus, ( The Word that was made Flesh and dwelt
among us.  John chapter ! ) There might be circumstances in you life that tell you there is no god?
  That comes from the " father of lies " the devil - satan. I urge you to call upon Him today for the saving
of your souls. The time is short, at anytime Jesus will be coming to take His Church ( bride ) home with Him!

   If you don't believe there is a God, humor me; ask Him to show you! " God, if you are there would you show
me, so I can believe??? "  God would honor a prayer like that. Because; " Here I am " He didn't destroy me.
I would have deserved it.  I know you can't be as far gone as I was! Ask Him!

    Jerry W Kellum, PO Box 308, Moscow Mills, Mo 63362 For questions or comments, or testimonies.      

By the way, I was sooo far off course that when I started telling people I was saved, that asked " why
was the building on fire? " They couldn't believe God would have me either.


  1. Do you believe this approach, asking God to remove the addiction, would work for everyone? Will God remove the cravings from all addicts every time if they ask?

  2. Jerry,
    its nice to see realness in peoples lives,
    I to was a miserable sinner in my life always
    running from the answer to my mess that being the Lord Jesus Christ. When I finally gave my
    life to him things started change. Not a perfect
    life but a life that had a purpose it had a sollution through a problem solving creator.
    the world has no real answers or real peace
    but Jesus does. I appreciate your testimony
    and can relate.May the Lord bless you as His way continues to serve him.
    Blessings Roger from the Mayos in Wisconsin.