Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good day.

 Good morning everyone.  Hope the Lord is treating you good..
( the world won't if you believe in what Jesus had done for you )
Have you been arguing with your spouse this morning? How about before going to
Chapel? ( The building is the chapel, the believers are the Church )
Children arguing and talking back to you?? Parents arguing with the kids?

Let's go back to the start: God created Adam, put him in the garden to tend it;
" it's not good that he should be alone, I will make Him a helpmeet, "
after naming all of the animals it dawned on Adam that " none of these were suitable
for him "; God fashioned Eve from one of Adams ribs;   Genesis chapter 2.

THEN THE devil showed up! He didn't show up until there were TWO!!!!!
How long was Adam alone? we don't know. It was only after Eve came did the enemy
come to destroy. ( John 10:10 )  Genesis 3  The enemy came, Adam and eve sinned,
the devil won.  ( until Jesus )

Remember:  Your spouse is not your enemy! Parents, your children are not
your enemy! Children, your parents, and your siblings are not your enemy!!!

Satan is!!!!   Don't blame others. Pray for them, with them.

In Christ; May He bless you richly!!!!!!!!         Jerry

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