Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Turkey Hill '13

Well, these may look pretty monotonous, but we had a
good time at Turkey Hill. We were blessed and happy
that we went. Scott DeGroff the speaker talked about
prayer. Well, not just exactly prayer but that prayer isn't a "name it, claim it"
philosophy, about prayers being answered and when they seem like
they're not, and his prayer life and burdens that have been on his heart.

It was hot on Saturday, but Sunday we were blessed with a thunderstorm
during church and that helped cool things off. I enjoyed the singing times we
had at chapel.

Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp

I'd say that Dad qualifies.
I never get to see Dad in an apron.
Director Glenn Thompson
Kathleen, Little Dale, and Dale Hansen playing together.
The Lobby is often full of activity.

Ben & Brandon, two young men excited about God singing "Amazing Grace".

Food line starting
Clouds moving in during chapel break.
Scott DeGroff
After the rain

Drink servers
Camp CEO- Chief Exercise Officer
Basketball winners
Phil & Katherine Hamilton and their son singing, "Mary, Did You Know?"
Phil, the guy in red, is blind! But he was a very happy person.
Matt, the sound system guy kept playing pranks on Glenn after a joke he'd made about the camp staff.
A guy named Andrew singing.
Sonny Williams, the director of the camp singing a song he wrote.
Time to clean up and part ways.
Dad helping put away the hymnals.
By the way, thanks for thinking of me while I recovered from the pulled muscles in my shoulders.
I'm feeling so much better and back to normal! The first two days, I stayed in bed alot, then
throughout the week, I did light duty and didn't strain very much. I feel completely well now.
God healed me quickly.  Today I was able to help Mom with groceries at the store and it
didn't bother me at all physically. 

Lord willing the next post will be of George's 2nd birthday party from Saturday!

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  1. So glad you had a great time at the camp. I remember going to camp with the youth group from our parish to a Lutheran camp up in the mountains.It was so beautiful up there and at night you would think you could reach up and touch the Milky Way. You knew how big God is when you see that.

    I'm glad your shoulder is better. My lower back went out and I am trying to do what I can do while hunched over. I've got good meds so it will even out.

    I was once told that God answers every prayer, but not always the way we expect or want. I've never subscribed to the "pray it, claim it" type of prayer. I used to joke that when I said my prayers at night God sat down in his recliner and said, oh boy here comes Ann.

    Hang in there kiddo!