Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We're Back!

We got home yesterday around 3:30. Lord willing, I'll share pictures with
you later, though they won't be very exciting. We missed our usual
"camp friends", but we still had a blessed time and got to meet
some new people. Thank you for your prayers.  The messages
were wonderful.

But our trip wasn't entirely without incident. I got hurt before breakfast
yesterday and now I'm in bed taking it easy. I pulled some muscles
in my upper back between my shoulder blades just below my neck.
I was taking some pillows down to the car and I slipped on the grass
that was wet with the morning dew. Thankfully, I didn't fall down
the hill, but when I hit the ground, it felt like something got jarred.
The nurse, Dolly Christensen looked at me. She told me to really
take it easy and take it slow this week. If the pain isn't gone in the
next couple days, then we need to make a trip to the doctor. So
no heavy lifting, no such strain for at least a week.
Yes, I am in pain, but to be honest even though it hurts pretty bad,
it's bearable. I've had worse pain, much worse, so if I rest,
hopefully  I'll get well soon.

Annah has to help with groceries and things like that. Those were on
the list of "don'ts" for me. So she is going to be a little extra busy.

Thank you. Rebecca

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  1. Small world. My daughter twisted when she was stretching and she pulled some muscles in her lower back. After a week of misery, she called the school this morning to tell them she couldn't work and then she called the doctor. I have to take her at 115. I hope your back gets better, alternate heat and cold. If you have some frozen peas wrap the bag in a thin towel and use that as an ice pack. Tylenol and Ibuprofen or alleve will help too. Take it easy.