Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cooking Project

Okay, about my cooking project for Easter Sunday. Some of the
 crust on the outside broke up. I'm afraid some of the meringue of
  filling leaked, but it was gone after everyone ate, so I guess it wasn't
 too bad. God helped me, and with some tips from Mom, I made my very
 first lemon meringue pie! They've been around decades and when I see
them, I just want to delve in and eat them. And for a long time, I've
wanted to try my hand at it. It was a lot of work, and I was messing up
on a lot of things that day, but God is gracious. I almost never do this,
but, I forgot to remove the pans from the oven before preheating it!
I was sure I'd taken them out first, (I usually do) but the oven had reached
full temperature by the time it dawned on me! I was working on the
pie filling and kept smelling something burning. I opened the oven
door and the pans were smoking! I grabbed them with pot holders,
set them on the stove, opened a window, and at Mom's suggestion
I stacked them up together on a pot holder. That was embarrassing,
and humbling.

Later, I was finished with the eggs and knew I had to putt them away
in the fridge, but my mind was a bit strained, so I grab the something
that was on the counter (the pot lid had been sitting on the egg carton).
I grabbed the pot lid and opened the fridge door, and almost set the lid
on the shelf when I shook my head and asked myself, "Wait. What am I doing?"
Oh! What a day. Anyway, the pie turned out, and I hope that next time,
I'll do better!


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