Thursday, November 27, 2014

Two Songs

These are two songs that I like so much.
They encourage me and fire me up in determination.
I'm thankful that God brought them into my life.
I like these songs so much because instead making
me feel like I'm in a box and there's nothing I
can do at all, these songs let me know that
being used by God, I CAN make a difference!!!!!!!!!

Stand for Truth

There's a war within our land,
A battle for the right,
The lies of the enemy are clouding out the light.
But God has placed His banner high,
He calls for no retreat;
As faithful soldiers let us stand,
Claim His victory!

Stand for truth! Though you're standing all alone,
Stand for truth! God will help to make you strong,
Run with courage in the fight, 
Walk in faith and not by sight,
Stand for truth, stand for truth!

And so the battle rages with choices everyday,
Will we search the Word of God, or toss the truth away?
Let us hold onto His promises and seek a higher call,
Listening for the victory cry, giving Him our all.

Repeat chorus

In God We Trust

A great and faithful heritage has been our legacy,
As men of honor sacrificed to make our country free;
But through the journey of the years, we've somehow gone astray,
When did we leave our sacred Guide to follow our own way?

If righteousness exalts a land and sin is our disgrace,
How can we gaze so carelessly while evil is embraced?
It's time again to raise a stand, to light the dying flame,
To stand for truth and holiness, to valiantly proclaim:


Let's go back to the founding of America,
Remembering Who made this nation blessed.
And as the men who fought at night
Who claim the Bible as their guide,
That once again this freedom cry 
Would ring throughout the land:
In God we trust! In God we trust!

America, America, God shed His grace on thee!
And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea!
In God we trust, in God we trust,

-Rachel Wissmann Busenitz

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