Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Branson Again!!

The 3rd week of October we went down to Branson again
to celebrate Mom and Dad's silver wedding anniversary!
We went to quite a few craft malls and flea markets and
resale shops. We only spent one day in Silver Dollar City
this time. Dad and I rode the Lost River ride. Since it
was chilly out, hardly anyone was there. The first time
around was a bit slow and we hardly got wet, but not
the second time-faster, and soaked by the time we got off!
Later, Dad and I rode the log flume too! I felt very nervous
this time about the dip where we plummet down, and I was
hoping so much that I could hold on to the rails in our "boat"
and not fall forward. I screamed pretty loud when we
went down, which gave Annah and the other people
watching a good laugh. Boy, that water was cold!
I got to try their Frozen Lemonade this time, it was good.

Mom and Dad dressed up and went to Olive Garden the night of
their anniversary, and then a concert. Of course, we had to stop
by and shop at Ozarkland before we left town!

On the way down to the Ozarks

It is a long drive.
Beautiful sunset on the way in
Autumn colors
Going out shopping again

Mom all dressed up for a special date with Dad!

And after they came back, watching Love Crazy with William Powell and Myrna Loy
Silver Dollar City! They had so many of their craft booths out this time.

And riding the train of course.
It was so good though to get home and see Chloe! Thank you to our friends
who visited and took care of her while we were gone.

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