Sunday, December 14, 2014

Surprise 25

It wasn't easy, especially not to let it slip out
but God helped us, anyway, Aunt Jean, our
cousins, Annah anad I planned a surprise
party to celebrate Mom and Dad's 25th wedding
anniversary. We held it a week after their real
anniversary so they wouldn't be suspicious.
We had to sneak pictures and stuff to Aunt Jean's
house. We thought for sure Mom would've
noticed the unity candle or wedding cake topper
missing from her and Dad's bedroom dresser
and we were trying to think of some excuse to
explain their absence. But she never noticed!

We chose silver, white, and pink for the theme
because those had been the wedding colors.
And the company did a great job making a
replica of Mom and Dad's original wedding

Aunt Jean's birthday is November 3rd, and she sent
a separate invitation to Mom and Dad. They thought
it was a surprise birthday party for Jean and asked
Mom to bring her. Mom was trying to come up
with a scheme no how to get Jean to the church
and get her to come inside, thinking she didn't know!
While Jean had already been there an hour or two
ago to help with decorating!

It came together beautifully. It was good to see all our
friends that came. Many of them had other activities
that day, like one family who had a wedding to go to,
but they came to Mom and Dad's party for a while!

Thank you to all our family and friends who helped
us pull it off and gave their time to come!

Mom was completely surprised!

Dad wasn't really. He figured out days before what we were up to!! 
Aarrrgghhh!! Sometimes he's a little too smart. We've said it before and 
we'll say it again: Dad is SO HARD to surprise!!

Oh yes, and we surprised them by putting them on the spot to
dance together in front of everyone!! They danced to one
of their wedding songs, There is Love. I cried watching them.

Little Caroline playing quietly with her balloons.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of lights;"
James 1:17


  1. You and Annah are so kind to have planned this for your parents. They must be proud and happy to have raised such thoughtful, kind girls. Happy Anniversary to them!