Friday, July 10, 2015


Okay. Here I am again. Sorry it's been a while. At the moment, I can't remember everything that happened in May. But I had a good birthday. It was lower key than usual
but it was a bit more peaceful that way. Our time at Turkey Hill was good.
My team didn't make it to the final round in the
volleyball tournament, but we did get to play 4 games before we were eliminated!
That was fun. I'm glad we were able to play so much.

It's late, I'm tired, and I think I made a mistake in uploading my pictures for this post.
I'll try to fix that so they'll be on.

My cards in a fun game of Apples to Apples.


Delicious lunch at Stefanina's.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Gelato!
I saw this at one of my favorite stores, Halo & Wings.
Annah did give me the blue bracelet I wanted for my birthday.
This year I made cookie cakes for my birthday as I really like cookies.
Daryl Lynn speaking at Turkey Hill.
There was a truck pushing competition. The battery was half dead, so one of the staff members drove it while a team of two pushed as far as possible before the timer was out.
This was the winning team.
I don't have a picture, but Dad and I did it together!
They also had a greased pig run. I've only seen those in the movies!


  1. Good to see you back. Hope your summer is wonderful.

  2. The cookie cakes look delicious! It's great to see your photos, I love yoir blog updates, looking forward to your next one :-D