Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thought for the Day

This is from an article that I have. My Bible has incepts from
I think sermons by a guy who's heart went out to women and
he tries to point them toward Jesus. Or was this written by
a woman? I'm not sure. Anyway, these articles have spoken
to my heart many times and I thought I'd share this one with
you today. These thoughts on paper have often convicted me,
inspired, and sometimes brought me to tears. Personally,
I struggle with certain kinds of changes in life, especially
sudden change unless it's something I'm really excited about. 
And right now, we're having to do rearranging in different
parts of our home so Ryan will have his own room. Ahem,
rearranging is not my thing! I tend to like a lot of things
to stay the same, so at times and depending on the change,
it's a real struggle for me! So if you could please pray for us
to work together peacefully through this, and for me to trust
God and pitch in.

Oh, yes. Please, please pray that I complete my GED before
January!! I've been enjoying the science, but still fighting
through the math. I do have extra help for that but it feels
like such an long, long road.

Anyway, I hope this article can speak to someone who needs
it as much as I do right now.



  1. I had to take the CBEST test for teachers in CA. The first time i really screwed up in math. I bought a prep book, studied it, did the sample problems (this is before computers) and when i took it the 2nd time, I did much better than the first time and passed. If you can get a prep book, go online and do the practice tests, it will help you so much.
    Good luck with the test.

  2. I'll be praying for your GED. Math is hard for me. I have to watch YouTube videos to help my kids with their homework!