Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Prayer Need

One of the families in our assembly  seriously needs
prayer.  Their oldest son, Andrew who is 8-years-old
was diagnosed a few months ago with leukemia!
He has been undergoing chemo and this month
he hasn't been doing well physically. He's had a
high fever and for almost two weeks no white
blood counts at all to fight it!  His appetite has been
very lowly.  Yesterday he ate well, but not so much
today. His fever is still high, thank God some white
counts are popping up. Only a few, but they're there!
They need several hundred though so he can go
home for a few days to recuperate before starting
next chemo.  The doctors are very kind and trying to do
all they can to help this little boy. Please pray for Andrew Shah and
his family!

His parents, Sheel and Becky have an amazing story.
When they were engaged, Becky was diagnosed with
stage 4 cancer, and not expected to live. Sheel decided
to still love her and still marry her! They weren't
supposed to be able to conceive either! And now they
have 6 beautiful children.

"Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill
the law of Christ." Galations 6:2

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