Saturday, September 8, 2012

Turkey Hill fall '12

Last week we stayed at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp
for Labor Day weekend. We arrived Friday night and it
rained so much (almost the whole time we were down there!).
But it was nice because it was not so hot like in May!

Alot of our usual "camp friends" didn't make it this time, and we sure
did miss them. It wasn't the same without them. But it was a good camp.

The speaker was Keith Trevolt from Kansas. He spoke on sanctification, but
intwined into so much of it, he spoke about suffering. He's a nurse practitioner
mostly for epileptic and seizure patients, so he's seen lots of physical suffering.

Now they have a reading from Scripture or testimony during every meal.
Dad helping with dishes.
Singing time
Davis and Winters families

McKay family
Kickball at the gym

Charity gets a high five from the director for a run well done.

Game over
The worship leader, Eric Barker always included a children's song...and you know what that means.
"I'm in the Lord's army. YES, SIR!"

"The Lord's Army" song we sang three different versions: original, original words cowboy
style, and Mexican! Original:

"I may never march in the infantry,
Ride in the calvary, shoot the artillery,
I may never fly o'er the enemy
But I'm in the Lord's army.

I'm in the Lord's army, YES SIR!
I'm in the Lord's army, YES SIR!


" I may never fly down to Mexico,
Wear a sombrero, eat a cheesy taco,
I may never ride an armadillo,
But I'm in the Lord's army."

Time for the Bible quiz!
 One question: What did God tell Moses to put on the ark?

He didn't, it was Noah He told.

Okay, if you were to have dinner with John the Baptist, what
would he serve you to eat?

Gulp! His head on a platter?

No! That is not the right answer.

He would serve you honey and wild locusts.
Oh yes, what was the Lord's name for King Solomon?

Oh no! Not the hippopotamus song!
You can if you want to, but I'm not doing hand motions!
Director Charlie
McKay family sings "Holiness"
Hmmm. I'll have to think about that one.

Andrew and Matt sing about God carrying us through trials.
There was such a oneness in spirit and awe when everybody sang
"Amazing Love" together.

It was fun to play mini golf with Dad and Annah Sunday night.


Keith Trevolt

"Without faith it is impossible to please Him."
Hebrews 11:6

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