Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Celebrations 1#

I know I'm a little behind on posting, but we've been trying to
relax before getting back to usual things next week.

Thank you for praying for Mom and Mrs. Wilkerson.
Mom's fever is gone, and her back is so much better.

Mrs. Wilkerson's surgery went well! The doctor said
that everything looks good and according to him they
got all the cancer. Oh, praise God! I'm so glad. Please
continue to pray for her though and the family as she
begins recovery.

We spent Christmas day at home, and the next day we
brought Donald and Jennifer, Aunt Jean, Jeremy & Leona
their gifts.

We found Dad's stocking at a resale shop a few years ago and it had his name on it.

Chloe watching for breakfast.
Chloe wants her presents: extra treats in her stocking.

Dad bought Annah and me matching skirts when we went Christmas shopping for Mom.

Baby Adalynn, Nora, & Samantha

Annah made this keepsake box for Samantha.

Headband crocheting book for Annah
George & Barkley
George is expecting a baby sibling in April, Lord willing. Pray that this baby will
be healthy and safe.

Leona's been working on this pillow for years. Isn't it pretty? It goes well with our living room theme.
We each got a fancy scarf.
Dad was cleaning some floors that night, so he couldn't join us.

George's rocking giraffe. He has lots of giraffes.

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  1. You all look like you had a fab time!

    Those scarves are so pretty! I knitted some ribbon scarves as Christmas gifts and they turned out well and were super easy!

    You girls have SUCH shiny hair too! x