Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do You Know "the Mustard Lady"?

"The Mustard Lady"? Who in the world am I talking about?
 I'm talking about How did I come by that name.
Well, it was an accident. A few years ago, at church
we had our Sunday fellowship meal and I was helping
the Wilkerson children and some others clean off the food
table. I had the mustard, ketchup, and BBQ sauce in my
hands. Thomas was coming out of the kitchen, I was
going in. I held the mustard bottle toward him, acted
like I was going to squirt, and said in a joking voice,
"Watch out for the mustard lady!" Thomas froze, with
a worried look on his face, not sure if I was joking or not.
Then I squeezed the bottle! A little bit of mustard landed on
Thomas' hair!!!!!! I was shocked. I had no idea the bottle was
open! Of course, Annah, Daniel,and James were laughing about
it once they heard what happened, but I was embarrassed and
apologized several times to Thomas (after her wiped his hair) and
 Mrs. Wilkerson. She didn't mind. She thought it was funny.
The name's stuck with me ever since, especially when we're
eating with friends and there's mustard on the table. I don't mind.
It's my nickname, sometimes. Thankfully, people don't use it all
the time. When I made that joke, I had no idea the name would
stay with me!

A birthday gift from friends a couple years ago!


  1. That is a funny story. I sounds like you have nice friends.

  2. That's funny :) Thanks for sharing! I like your friends' sense of humour, as shown in the birthday gift :)

  3. Rebecca,
    I just have to tell you this story is priceless. These silly, little, slightly embrassing days of our lives are the days that we will remember with fondness forever. And nicknames, however unusual, are given in love. It is obvious there is a lot of love in your life. Emrace your nickname Mustard Lady!
    Thanks for sharing!