Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's Day

This year we hosted our first annual New Year's Day BBQ at our
home in the afternoon. Dad used to do that alot with his friends before
he and Mom got married. As New Year's Eve of 2012 approached,
we wanted to do something fun where we could have lots of
fellowship to celebrate the new year. Dad had told us about the BBQ
and brought that up while we were on the subject.
We gladly agreed on it.

New Year's Eve, we had a lovely snow and Dad got started on
grilling some of the meat. Mom had a cold and we were trying to
work around the house hoping Mom would get better. But she
didn't rest much.

The weather was pleasant on January 1st, and we had a good
turnout of folks from chapel. It blessed us to see how many
people arrived. Mr. Wilkerson stopped by for a while then brought
the kids later (Mrs. Wilkerson was at home trying to rest).

We had a good time and were glad other people enjoyed themselves.
We didn't get a bunch of games going though. I missed that.

Quite a few people were wondering how Dad could grill BBQ out in
the cold. Uh, the same way you do in the extreme heat, only better
because the air is chilly and the fire keeps you warm.

Beautiful snow on New Year's Eve

Chloe actually likes the snow. Well, most of the time.
Dad grilling
Girls playing with our dolls and doll clothes.
Mr. Ford & Chloe   Chloe got lots of attention that day.
Mr. Dreste & Chloe
Mr. Wilkerson, Hannah, Abi, and Mrs. Baumann
Sammy, Daniel, Zak, & Solomon
That was the quietest game of Mille Bornes I've ever heard!
Tasting Dad's homemade jerky.
This was a surprise. I've never seen Chloe on anyone's lap but mine or Annah's.
Daniel playing guitar
Just as tired as can be.
"...distributing to the needs of the saints, given to hospitality."
Romans 12:13


  1. You and your family truly have the gift of hospitality! Not everyone does- some feel awkward or shy about having people into their home.

  2. We enjoy having people over, but we live kind of far out so it's not always easy to have people from chapel over. But we have other friends we enjoy seeing too.