Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baby Sammy

I wish to give some words on behalf of Alex and Anna Nikolayev in Sacramento,
California who recently had their 5-month-old son, Sammy taken from them by
CPS "Child Protective Services".
When I first heard the story, it was scary, heartbreaking, crushing, and to top all of
that, out-raging! Alex, Anna, and their baby should never have been put
through that nightmare!
Alex and Anna wanted Sammy in the medical care of people they could
trust and that's what they tried to do. The police visited them at the second
hospital, got the report from the doctor there, and they could see that Sammy
was okay. It was plain to see that Sammy needed medical help, but it was also plain to
see that he was NOT dying! The police left.

The video of what took place the very next day in the Nikolayev family's life is heartbreaking,
terrifying, crushing, and so very completely unjust!!! Yes, I just used the word unjust because that's
exactly what it was! Alex was smacked against ground of his very own home, by the police,
and his wife and son were pursued inside. The police didn't have a warrant, and poor
Anna was scared to death! I don't blame her one bit! If that had been me, I think I
would've fainted from fright! The police told her to let them have Sammy, and she
started to plead, but they talked over her and she kept asking," Where are you taking
him? Where's he going to be? Which hospital? Which one? Which one? Which one?"
The social worker said she'd tell her later but not at the moment because Anna "was
acting irrationally". EXCUSE ME? Give me a break!
 What kind of person comes to steal your child, rip them from your arms,
and when you plead for mercy to keep your child safe, they treat you like dirt?
 What kind of person does that? In my opinion, that
person has no feelings, no heart, no compassion in their soul! If they do,
it's calloused. How could anyone do such a thing? How could anyone be so
heartless? Then, the police grabbed Sammy, grabbed Anna's arms, and just walked
away with him. If you notice in the video, it's when the police grabbed them, that
Baby Sammy started crying. He didn't cry while safe in his mother's arms, he cried
when these strange people "who were supposed to protect him" ripped him away.

I'm so thankful that that federal child agency didn't get a chance to put Sammy
in a foster home!

When Alex and Anna Nikolayev were finally able to bring Sammy home,
of course CPS still had "to make sure he was safe by visiting them",  Anna
would play with him on the bed and he'd smile, close his eyes for a few seconds,
open them, he'd see that Anna was there, and smile. He did this several times.
He was saying," Mommy, you're still here!" A 5-month-old is trying to make
sure his life is back to normal! That shows that Sammy's experience had already
left bruises, scars, and fear in his heart! It didn't take long did it?
When the social worker tried to grab Sammy and Anna resisted, she told her,
"Don't put your baby through this." Don't put him through what? Who's after
who in this? Who's the one who barged in uninvited to go after a harmless,
loving parent? Ugh! That's horrible!

Sammy has every right to be with parents who care about him, love him, and
want the very best for him. He already has that, in the parents GOD gave him,
his very own biological parents, not parents CPS found for him!

Why are federal agencies so prejudiced against parents? What is this
grudge the movies, books, and authorities have against parents?
Why are parents under attack? What have they done?

I don't deny that there are many, many children who need to be taken into
protective custody, but I have a message for the companies who
supposedly "accomplish that". Stop attacking, antagonizing, and trying to
deliberately tear apart harmless families who love their children, especially
when it's clear in front of your eyes that the children ARE NOT IN DANGER

It's not the public that is making CPS look bad, it's CPS itself. They shouldn't
have the unlimited power to disrupt lives of families they have no business
investigating. If they make an investigation, fine. That's what you're supposed
to do, but please! If the family is harmless, happy, and it's clear they're fine,
please just drop it! Please, LEAVE THEM ALONE!
Why do you think parents and people in general are so afraid when they're
threatened with or by CPS? It's because they're known too well for their
unjust, lying, uncaring conduct. CPS is the one who is making themselves
out to be heartless kidnappers.

Child abusers should be dealt with. The children need protection. But when
someone is falsely, and I repeat FALSELY ACCUSED of such conduct and
the truth is right in front of your eyes that they haven't done anything, Please,

CPS is appearing more and more distrustful and heartless. They need to be kept
accountable, and they need to change!!!! Too many families have been hurt
already by them, and that sends out a banner message that CPS needs to
rethink their tactics, their motives, and their manner as far as when they
go after innocent people. When they go after guilty people, that's great,
we need that. But when it's innocent people, stick with your job,
not trying to scare harmless families.

I'll say this for them. Social workers do have a tough job. Sometimes
they see horrific cases, and pretty soon they don't trust the word of
anyone whom they have to investigate. That is a tough job, I admit
that. BUT, in the case of innocent people, when CPS comes
after you and after all your pleading and everything, pretty soon
you're the one who feels like you can't trust anything they do or say!
I've seen movies, shows, news reports, read books, and heard other
people's stories in these situations. The distrust works on both sides,
for justified reasons, but the question you ask is "who's the one
that's actually causing the problem"?  There are many cases where it's
the parents or guardians, but that is not always the case.

People who care about other people need to show it.



  1. CPS is not a federal agency. It is a county agency in Sacramento, CA. Each county has their own office for CPS. If the CPS in Sacramento looks bad it's because the state has cut funding due to the deficit we inherited from Schwartzeneggers reign as governor. All the state and county agencies are hurting. Case loads for social workers are tremendous and the need for qualified workers is being unfilled. Sometimes and this was one time for sure, there was a mistake. I don't condone the police's action in this case at all, but for this one case, how many people who are abusing and hurting their children don't get caught.

    Los Angeles County has such a backload of cases that the LA times has documented their failures. At least 10 children died because their workers didn't have time to make home visits, people weren't vetted before children were returned.

    I've dealt with CPS on a personal level. A false accusation. We had to deal
    with the LA Sheriff's Department as well as have a home visit. All because someone lied. Someone who was related to us by marriage lied. My husband could have lost his job, I could have lost mine and then where would we be. Luckily the CPS worker could see through the story that was told and we were cleared. That was many years ago and I still hold a huge grudge against that person. I may have forgiven her but I haven't forgotten the horrible things she did.

  2. To amulbunny:Yes a mistake was made, obviously Rebecca didn't know that CPS was a state agency. However, it looks as if you are a diehard democrat. Blaming Schwartzenegger for all of the financial problems, as Obama still tries to blame Bush. Because of the financial crunch that you mentioned, the CPS has less workers, why were they harrasing this family?? Why were they not out investigating child abuse cases where a child was hurt, instead of a family that took their baby out of a medical facility to get a second opinion? It's a disgrace!
    I am from Missouri also, I have had problems with the Social Services in Mo. They are about all the same; instead of checking the whole situation out - they just take someones word for it, and start harrasing people. If more people would take them to court for reciprocity, maybe they wouldn't be so anxious to bother people! Did you know that the more children that are in their foster care programs, the more money the state gives them. ( just like the public school districts ) That is in every state, not just Mo.!!
    What are they trying to do?? Get their quota? Anonymous.