Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Try Again

Today was the second time I've taken the driving test. I almost passed this time, but the
mistakes I made brought me down. Try again. At least I was informed of what I messed
up on and I'm anxious to try again and fix it!

I took the test last year and failed terribly. I felt so embarrassed that I cried and cried
most of the rest of the morning.

Lord willing, I will be taking the test again on Friday morning. Please pray for me.

-Pray that I will have a clear mind

-Pray that I will be peaceful

-Pray that I will remember what I've learned

-And last but not least, pray that I'll pass this time.

I wanted to surprise everyone in a blog post if and when I passed, but I'm
letting you know now so you could pray for me. I'll appreciate it.

Thank you. Have a safe, Happy 4th of July!



  1. My daughter is scared to even get her permit and she's 24. She relies on her friends, and is planning to move to Chicago where the Metro system is accessible and easy to use.

    You'll pass your test, sometimes it takes more than once.

    I'll pray that you do a wonderful job and the grader is impressed with your driving.

    1. Keep trying, Rebecca! I didn't get my driver's license until I was in my 20s. You'll get yours soon if you keep working on it.

      Happy Independence Day to you and your family!

  2. Keep trucking, Rebecca. You've got this; it's just nerves!

  3. Awe...hugs!
    And yes, many prayers.
    A extra hug to your Momma from me!
    Mrs. Mayo for all

  4. I had my purse stolen when I was 20 and I had to retake the driver's test in order to get my license replaced since my license was from another state. I'd been a licensed driver for 6 years, and I failed the test! I was so humiliated, but the next day I went back and passed. It truly depends on who the evaluator is and (in my case) how good you are at taking multiple-choice tests. Argh! You can do this! I'll be sending prayers your way for confidence! :)

  5. Don't feel so bad alot of people fail a few times before they pass! I passed on my third try. Good Luck!

  6. Checking back to see if you passed! I prayed for you today-- so prayers came from Minnesota!

  7. I didn't take it today after all. I was so tired from celebrating the 4th of July. Hopefully, I will be taking it on Monday!! If I don't pass, I'll have to take driver's ed.

  8. Coming back to check on you! Thanks for the update and that we should be praying for you on Monday! So, I don't understand -- they MAKE you take driver's ed if you don't pass 3 times? Driver's Ed here is expensive (although where I grew up, it was offered for free through the public school system). Well, you can do it, Rebecca! Get a really good night's sleep, put in some driving hours over the weekend, study the manual, and then you go girl! :)

  9. I just came back to see how your test went. I just stopped to send a prayer up that you have success tomorrow with your test. I bet alot of it is just nerves, atleast for me that was a big part of it! Take a few deep breathes and try to stay calm. Good Luck!

  10. I'll let you know later about the results!