Saturday, July 13, 2013

Prayer for Notgrass Family-Again!

Henry Notgrass was sick with a small fever earlier this week,
but then it rose and his parents took him to the doctor. Anyway,
the doctors think it could be a virus but right now Henry is in
Children's Hospital down in St. Louis being monitored because
his white cell counts are just below the "safety" level. The doctors
are trying to rule out and make sure nothing major is causing this.
They're just trying to find anything now instead of later, but it's
very hard and frightening on John and Audra! The last time they
went to a hospital with their little boy, they came home with
empty arms. John and Audra are trying to stay calm right now,
trying not to worry, but it's extremely difficult for them.

Audra said that Henry is happy and playing like his normal self,
eating regular, everything about him is normal, except his blood
tests. They said all his counts are good except one. Henry is
functioning normally, which is great and he's cheerful too.

But please pray for this family. They've already endured so much loss
and they're frightened. They need peace and hope.

Oh yes, Henry's 1st birthday is coming up soon. Pray he'll be well and
out of the hospital by then to enjoy his birthday.


Henry's Mommy & Daddy
With Mommy yesterday
Eating part of his breakfast this morning.


  1. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through right now. I will keep this family in my prayers. Is he still in the hospital?

  2. Yes, right now he is. If tomorrow he has another day of good blood counts without antibiotics, he'll hopefully be able to go home in a couple days.