Monday, September 5, 2016


Hello, everyone.
I know I've been so silent, but I just wasn't sure what to post.
Okay, having a foster child has kept us very busy, but
due to a few changes in rules, in this
post, you will see a picture of the little guy who's been with
us for a while! I might try to share more.

I've been working this year on getting my GED. Yes. Okay,
so maybe everyone doesn't get it right when they're 18, but
you know what? I honestly feel this year that I know why
I'm taking it. I'm hoping to get a job after it, if God wills.
If you could please pray for me in that regard.
I'm not taking the whole test all at once, that would be
mind-boggling! I've taken three of the tests so far,
and God's helped me pass each one wonderfully! I'm currently
working on the science part which I'm enjoying.

BUT, the math has been so difficult, the algebra part! Unbelievably
difficult! Now, I did learn algebra back in homeschool but
even then I needed extra help. I'm getting extra help now thanks
to a good friend, but it's still very hard. Math has always been my
most difficult subject. The advanced stuff cuts me off guard.
Then I finally start to understand it, then I have to learn a
new, even more advanced way to do it! I struggle with it so
much! I've taken the math test once so far, and I didn't make it.
If you all could pray for me especially with the math, I would
really appreciate it! My brain freezes and I blank out when I
run into a question I feel like I'm not understanding. Please
especially pray for God to give me clear understanding of the
work, what's being asked of me, and so that I know what
I'm supposed to do!

I've been doing lots of writing on Fanfiction this year which I've
enjoyed so much.

Anyway, that's an update.

Graduation cake for a friend at church
Here he is! The adorable little guy who's been with us for a while!
Isn't he cute?
Recent baby shower cake for new parents at church
Annah & Me
I so agree!
I can't give too many details about our foster baby's case, we enjoy him.
He can be a real handful though. He's so cute, and a big boy!
God bless. Bye for now, Rebecca


  1. Good luck with your GED. You'll get it and then you will find a world of opportunity will open to you. There are books on Amazon which can help you and you can get them used. I got some used CLEP grammar test books when I taught my English model which helped my students.

  2. Prayers and good wishes for completing all portions of your GED. I don't know if you used this but Saxon Math (often used by homeschoolers) has a wonderful algebra book with an answer key. The good part about the book is that it gives many, many problems to solve with each new portion of material. My son worried about this with his GED and used that book, with tutoring help and he passed. I know you can, too. Know that an old St. Louis gal is rooting you on from my new home in Arizona. :)

  3. Good luck with the algebra. You'll get through it in the end, I'm sure! Good luck for the job-hunting, too. What sort of job are you looking to get? Pretty photo of you and Annah by the way.

  4. I'm considering CNA, or something close to it. I want to work around in a hospital if God wills.

  5. You can do it. My boss recommends doing a lot of practice questions. Just keep working on the questions. I understand that studying can take a long time. I am currently studying for my second professional test and it has 20 parts. Just keep swimming to quote Dory. Nursing homes have high turnover and usually need workers. I know someone who is working there while studying to become a nurse. Best of luck! Please keep us blog readers updated.

  6. Best wishes to you in your quest to further your education. May, with the will of God, may you become a CNA. Algebra was my hardest subject all those many years ago. Geometry, was much easier.

    Much love and good wishes to you and your family. Your little guy is adorbable.

  7. Thanks. You're the first one who's commented on him!

  8. Your little one is super cute! I have a son the same age and oh my goodness they are so much work! Adorable and worth it though.
    Good luck with your studies, I think you will make a wonderful nurse. Keep praying and working hard and you'll be fine.