Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!

We would like to say ''happy birthday'' to little Thomas Wilkerson!!!
Today he is ten-years-old!!! We've known him since he was 4, and we've
loved him every minute of it! Here's some pictures.

Walking niece, Alana at the Family Vision Library's Valentine's Day Cake Walk

With niece, Ella
With brothers, Daniel and James  and friend, Gideon Klein
Playing at home on the trampoline
Having fun with brother, James
Walking our dog. Chloe
Playing with Chloe
Brothers and sister
Making ice cream together with Rachel
Thomas Luke Wilkerson
Dear Thomas,
It's hard to believe that you're 10, no longer in the single digits! We've
watched you grow and become a blessing to many people, especially us!
We have been happy to see your love for the Lord at such a young age, and 
we hope and pray that it will only grow stronger as you mature, physically
and spiritually! You have been such a special delight in our lives ever 
since God brought you into our lives! We love you soooo much! We 
hope and pray that you have an abundantly blessed, enjoyable
special day!!!! Happy birthday!!
The Kellums
Jerry, Mary, Rebecca, & Annah

''A wise man will hear and will increase learning: and a man of
understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.'' Proverbs 1:5

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