Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maxwell Conference 1#

This is a post I've been waiting to do! September 16th and 17th,
the Family Vision Library had the Steve and Teri Maxwell family
have their St. Louis conference there! Oh, what a conference! Friday,
George had surgery and Mom went to see him so Annah and I rode with
the Klein family to the library. While the guys setup, we girls had a blessed
time of talking with each other. I'm so glad the Wilkersons made it too! 
The Kleins put alot of work into this thing too! Here's some pictures of Friday night.

Cake for Bekah Klein's 13th birthday!

The back of the Maxwell's bus
License plate
Greetings with Mr. Maxwell and Sarah
Sarah, the family ''photographer''
Talking with Sarah
Rachel Wilkerson watching Sarah setup
Mr. Maxwell meeting Rachel and Thomas
Eddie Coad
Rachel Wilkerson and Joanna Klein helping with dinner
Thomas helping with setup in the kitchen

Joseph and Sarah asking Mr. Thrower about the Library
Mrs. Maxwell's  new book
Mary Wilkerson talking to Mary Maxwell
The Throwers were so kind to let us use the library kitchen! We had 
a dinner before the conference: Maxwells, Kleins, Throwers, Wilkersons,
and us! Unbeknownst , everyone was in for a very unexpected surprise!

Wilkerson family   We love you so much!
Mary and her dad (Mary's  adoption is  supposed to be final November 7th)

We were all eating when who should appear but Nathan Maxwell, his wife and their little girls!
Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Wilkerson
Jesse Maxwell and Thomas Wilkerson

Time to add more chairs
Mr. Mark Johnson, Mr. Steve Maxwell, and Mr. Dave Klein
Gospel Bluegrass concert by the Maxwell family
Mrs. Maxwell

Abby Maxwell recited 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Building a Vision session
Anna and Mary talking with the Johnson girls
Mr. Maxwell talking with the Klein girls  about dinner
Sarah Maxwell and me
''This shall be written for the generation to come: and the
people which shall be created shall praise the Lord.''
Psalm 102:18

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  1. Looks like you had a blessed evening :)

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