Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maxwell Conference 2#

Here are pictures from Saturday!

Abi and Susanna Klein
Mary, Anna, and Rachel
L to R Me, Mary, Annah, and Rachel
Keys to Unlocking Your Future session for young ladies
Anna giving her input
Sarah listening
Sarah giving her input
Mary giving her input
Sarah's  young  ladies' session: Experiencing the Joy of Young Womanhood
Dwelling Together in Unity session by John and Anna Maxwell

Example:''No, no,no,no, no, John! That's not how drink out of a water bottle!''
Joseph:''See, this is how you do it right! Oh, and I can do it without spilling it too!''
Example:''Oh, John! You're not attending!''
Anna:''You're not listening to me!''
Solomon Klein talking with Daniel Wilkerson
How to Start and Run Your Own Business session by Joseph and John Maxwell

Nathan Maxwell greeting people at the book tables
Ritter girls talking with Sarah
Thomas wanted John to look at his banjo, but he was talking so Joseph looked at it for him.

This was from the Kleins for the Maxwells and one for the Throwers too!
Sarah, Abby, Anna, and Mary Maxwell
Melanie walked over and talked with Annah and me. Isn't Bethany just so  cute?

Maxwell's bus and the Klein's bus
Mr. Maxwell and Dad
Abi Klein and Sarah  Abi illustrated the last two Moody books and is currently working on the sketches for the next one!
John Maxwell talking to the Klein ladies and us

''Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.''
Psalm 103:2

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