Friday, May 24, 2013

Dad's Operation

Mom, Annah, and I got home 30 minutes ago.Thank you all for your prayers
 and  thoughts. Dad's procedure went very well.
The hole was closed successfully! While in recovery, Dad had to lie still for 8 hours-
who? Dad? Yep. He had to. When we came back from lunch at the cafeteria,
Mom went in to see Dad, but his cubicle was full of doctors and nurses. Thankfully,
he's okay, but at the time, his blood pressure dropped very low, he was sweating,
feeling light-headed, and dizzy. They had to pull off his tubes and apply major pressure
to his legs. We saw him a while later, and he was tired. Once his 8 hours were up,
and he was able to walk around and sit up, he was much perkier. He's in a regular
room now. I felt sad leaving him. Dad's been in the hospital before and had a few
overnight trips, but the hospital he's in is 1 hour away from home and it's in the
city of St. Louis. So it feels like he's far way.

He has to stay at the hospital until Tuesday when they're supposed to give him a
pacemaker. After that, they'll probably have to keep another 24 hours. So, most
likely he won't come home 'til Wednesday. He needs a pacemaker because his
heart rate is low.

The doctors and nurses were very friendly, caring, and seemed to be skillful too.
Thank God for them.

But we've been awake since very early this morning and we were at the hospital
all day, so we're very,very tired!

Good night. Thank you for your prayers. Still need them though.



  1. Praying for you all!

    Hope that you have your dad back home soon. x

  2. Oh dear! Prayers for your dad! I hope his recovery goes well. My mom got her pacemaker a little over a year ago. She was back to her old self in just a few days. Amazing what that little battery run thingy can do for a failing heart.

  3. Praying for your family... Please keep us updated and let us know how your dad is doing.

  4. I'm keeping your family in my prayers!

  5. Sending good thoughts your way!