Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Birthday Celebration

Friday was my 22nd birthday. Annah and I spent most of the day cleaning the
house for my party in the evening, Mom and Dad were still getting my presents.

We had one of my favorite foods: pizza! I was given a new volleyball for my
birthday, so when our company came, we played volleyball, one of my top
favorite sports.

We had the Burney family over to our home for the first time, and the Wilkersons
came too. We had barrels of fun! It was late at night though, so the Wilkersons
left before I opened my presents. I waited so long because we were all having
such a good time.

I am very blessed. I had a wonderful birthday!!!

We didn't attend Nora's 2nd birthday party. But we made a cake just the same.
 Jennifer hasn't planned a family one  yet, so on Saturday Mom, Annah, and I
 went thrift store shopping and garage saling as part of my birthday celebration.

We had lunch at McDonald's.
Annah gave me my volleyball early in the day so we could use it later in the game.

Mom and Annah gave me some beautiful pink roses.
Game time!

Brittany Burney took these photos, then joined the game.

Rachel Wilkerson and others playing piano.
Elijah Burney and Daniel Wilkerson
Daniel & Ben
My cake
Brittany lighting my candles
Happy Birthday!

Chloe doing tricks for treats. Here she is doing a new trick she's learned: bow.
Annah & Brittany
Playing Apples to Apples, another one of my favorite games, especially with a big group.
Bobby is trying judge.
Annah's turn
Some people put down such funny cards.
Awaiting the judge's decision.

Annah trying to help Jedidiah
Jedidiah trying to make a choice
Time for presents, finally.

The Wilkersons taped a five-dollar bill to one of their gifts. I'm trying to get it off.
The Wilkersons also gave me Reeses: my top favorite candy!

Mom and Dad also gave me The Big Book of Cookies.
Notebooks! I love to write and draw.

The Burneys gave me a neat gift to put together: a wax warmer.
Nora's birthday cake. Annah made it.
Isn't it cute?

"For the Lord is good; His lovingkindness is
everlasting and His faithfulness to all generations."
Psalm 100:5


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad that you had a great day :)

  2. Dear Rebecca,
    Happy belated birthday! Your party looked like a fun and pleasant time, spent with the people you love the most and blessed by God's grace.
    By the way, hats off to Hannah for making the most beautiful cupcake cake I've ever seen: would you mind sharing a few tips on how to get it to look so gorgeous?
    Thank you and many blessings,
    Alice from Italy

  3. Happy Birthday to you!


  4. Happy {belated} Birthday!
    May God richly bless you in the coming year!
    Looks like you had a great day...
    We love the game Apples 2 Apples, and we all like to play volley-ball too :D
    Blessings on your 22nd year!
    Love in Christ~
    Maggie Mayo

  5. Happy Birthday to a very sweet young lady!!
    Hope you had a lovely day and looks like you had a special day:)May you grow closer to GOD in the coming year....:)
    Annamarie XXXX

  6. Happy Birthday Rebecca, and may this year and all the years to come bring you so many blessings. (now are you going to tell us who that cute Bobby is?)

  7. Now, now, now. He's a Burney. Our families are new friends. If you want to pray about it, all right, but as for me, I've committed to keeping my heart for the man God has chosen for me to marry. Annah and I do interact with young men in big group settings, but we keep it on a casual level.

    I know what you're thinking. The Lord knows what He has in store. We'll see what His will is.
    Thank you for the birthday message. Rebecca

  8. Happy belated birthday, Rebecca. It looks like everyone had a good time at your party. I pray that this will be a blessed and special year for you and your family.

  9. Happy BIrthday. If you don't have it yet, look for the game Settlers of Catan. My grown kids are in a tapletop game group and every Saturday night they gather at someones house and play board games. I like Ticket to Ride which is about railroad building and the Game of Life.

    Don't worry about finding a guy, enjoy your interactions with them in group settings and if the right one is there, you'll find each other. I graduated from college and worked for a number of years before I met my husband. We've been together 28 years.

    BEst wishes.

  10. Happy Birthday, Rebecca! You are such a lovely young lady. It looks like you had a great party. What fun you must have had shopping with your mom and Annah.

    Annah's cupcake cake is adorable!

  11. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a lovely day! x

  12. Happy Belated birthday! I'm glad everyone had a good time and you received presents that you will enjoy!

    The giant cupcake was a cute idea. I may have to try that.

  13. Happy belated birthday Rebecca!

    Between pizza (pepperoni I hope :-) ), Reeses candy, volleyball, and friends it sounds like a perfect birthday (well aside from the house cleaning, cause I am a lousy house cleaner. Put me out to clean the barn though and I'm your girl)! Here's to many more.
    PS You have some cute friends LOL

  14. You had me at Reese's! :-) Looks like a relaxing day with people who love you. I pray the coming year brings great joy and adventure your way, and that God plants dreams in your heart that He wants you to have. Happy birthday!

  15. It looks like you had a fun birthday! Judging from the pics (you opening birthday gifts) a certain young man had his eyes on you the whole time! (; I will pray for Gods will to be seen in this situation.

  16. Rebecca-
    Hope you had an amazing birthday!!! Sorry I am late! You look so happy in all of the pictures. I have been praying for your family and asking the Lord to send you and Annah godly husbands. I am thankful He brought your family new friends in the form of the Burney family. I will pray that you have many more fun times of fellowship!