Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Uncle Don

It's 5:20 A.M. we got a call about an hour ago that Uncle
Don, Mom's oldest brother and sibling, has died. We got
a call at 3:30 that he was having a heart attack. We've
heard he didn't make it to the hospital, that he died in
the ambulance. I still can't believe it.

Mom's other brother, Michael died three years ago.

Please pray for the James family, Mom's side of the family.

Holding Baby George at Christmas '11


  1. So you Think he's burning in hell?
    If someone says they have found Jesus who are you to judge!? Just because their lifestyle doesn't subscribe to what you believe a Chrstian should behave like

    1. Dear anonymous,
      I can tell you don't love Jesus, or know Him, or know what scripture says. I'm not writing this to argue with you or anyone else. It seems by your attitude that you think and/or heard or have been taught that there is another way to heaven??
      Acts 4:12 " for there is NO other Name under heaventhat has been given among men by which we MUST be saved. " I will not waste your time or mine by giving you scripture, if you don't believe, you could care less about God's Word,(which is HIS Will for you)
      and I will not bother clogging up someones blog site with arguments. Rebecca is a beautiful young lady, inside and out!She doesn't deserve your stupidity!
      Anonymous # 2

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  2. I can't say. I'm not God, only He truly knows what was in Uncle Don's heart. Only He can truly see that. All I mentioned was what I observed. As I said, we won't know until eternity. All we can do is hope he did and try to help his family.

    I understand that some people who do truly get saved don't always show fruit immediately.

    But it still isn't easy to go to the funeral when we don't know for sure whether that person is with Jesus or not. All we can do is hope.


  3. It isn't easy to peaceful about it when you don't know.

  4. Rebecca, I see you didn't post my last comment. I hope I didn't come across as rude, because I truly didn't mean to be. I was entirely sincere in offering my condolences to you and your family. I was also sincere in suggesting that thinking of positive things about your Uncle could be helpful in dealing with the loss. Now, of course I don't know personally what he was like, and I gather from the comments above that you are worried about whether he was saved or not - but as you say, only God knows the latter, and many people do find that happy memories of a deceased loved one do help them cope with their loss.

    Best wishes,

  5. It is true though that I didn't have to post on here about his salvation. That's a personal thing between him and God, and that's a personal thing I didn't have to mention. That was a mistake on my part.

    1. Thank you for having the humility to say this, Rebecca. Not all bloggers are prepared to admit when they made a mistake. I respect you for this.

  6. Rebecca, I've lived a long time and known lots of people who said they were Christians yet didn't act very much like them. People who went to church 3x a week and still were judgmental and rude and prideful. Then I knew people who maybe went to church on Christmas and Easter but helped the homeless, served in shelters and were more an example of Christ's love than the church ones.

    I believe if someone dies with the name of Christ on their lips they are proclaiming their faith. And the Lord that I love and follow accepts them as his child. He loves us even when we wander from the path.

    I hope that your uncle has entered the gates of heaven and is with the heavenly congregation surrounding the throne of God.