Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Close to Jesus

                                             Closer to Jesus

Closer to Jesus, closer to Him 
Giving me joy in living for Him;
Guiding my steps along life's way,
He will never leave us, He is there everyday;
Closer to Jesus, closer to Him,
He is my rock through the thick and the thin,
My shield and my fortress, I trust in His strength,
Death cannot find me, It has lost it's sting!!

 I praise God everyday!  This poem was written in early April 2013.
The Lord gave it to me. After the battle of 9 days in the hospital, it means a lot more  
to our family!!!  
" His compassion's fail not; They are new every morning:
Great is Thy faithfulness. " Lam 3:22 - 23 

          By Jerry W. Kellum 

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