Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nora's Party

Last Saturday was Nora's 2nd birthday party. This was the family party.
It was pretty small this time, but we still had fun. It was outside, but the weather
was pleasant with just the right temperatures and a breeze. Nora's party theme
was princess.

Annah helped work on these hats.

Nora was exclaiming, " Happy party", instead of happy birthday.

Party girl
Dad helping Nora

Donald and Jennifer bought this for Nora shortly after she was born.

What a fun toy.
She played with her little park for hours.

Time to eat

Greg & Maria came over for a while. Here Dawson is giving Nora her birthday flowers.
Nora helped make her birthday cake.
Playing with Levi

Happy birthday, Nora!
After we sang to Nora, she spread her arms out and shouted," Happy thank you!"
It was so cute.

Nora actually did help serve the cake.


Nora chased Greg with a squirt gun full of water!
Kara holding Adalynn

Time for presents!
Daddy being funny

In case you noticed, Nora is wearing 3 different dresses in this post. Well, she
was having a lot of fun playing in her water park and each time it soaked her
dress, partly because she was pouring water on herself instead of in the tub!
It was funny how many times she came outside wearing a new dress, but
she was having fun.


  1. She's adorable and have you noticed how much she looks like you? I'm not sure how you are related but I'm guessing she's your niece. She could easily pass as your own daughter! Love the cake idea -- did you guys make that?

  2. She's our cousin. Donald is Mom's nephew, but she sure feels more like a niece. Yes, we've noticed she looks like me, especially looking at pictures of me at that age!

    No, Jennifer and Nora made the cake.

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