Friday, June 14, 2013


Hi, everyone!

Dad is doing great! He's been doing a lot of things, not everything.
He said, "I feel human. I can do something again."  He's even been
driving! He's still being careful about raising his left arm too high,
and he wears his arm sling to bed.  Thankfully, no one else has gotten sick.

Speaking of which, thank you all for your prayers. I am feeling sooo much
better. I feel back to normal, except my ear. I went to the doctor yesterday
for a follow-up appointment and he was very pleased with how my throat
looks. My ear still feels slightly clogged, but it's getting better. He said it
might take a weak or two for it to be completely cleared up, but he was 
very happy with what he saw! Praise God. Thank you all for thinking of us.

He's happy to feel "useful" again.
"So You will restore me and make me live."
Isaiah 38:16

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  1. Praise the Lord! I pray that you and your dad continue to recover and grow stronger.