Monday, April 8, 2013


 After Talking with a friend of mine and a Pastor, The Lord Jesus opened my eyes that;

It is amazing how many people that touch our lives, and/or how many you might have touched,
but, sometimes ( most times ) until a crisis happens, or someone has gone out of your life is when
you realize it.
    Since this thing started the past few weeks with my heart, I didn't realize the people that have been touched by our lives. Some through little things we do, and some through large things.
  The response from everyone about being in prayer has been overwhelming to me!!
It has touched my heart that will not be forgotten. As I pray for people, I ask The Lord to
" show them some of the fruits of their labors " ; especially Moms, Dads, teachers, home school teachers!!
Being a mother, one of the purposes of God, sometimes shows hardly any appreciation, the women need
our prayers and comfort!!

  Maybe we should start showing more appreciation now to our family, and friends! ( co-workers, business partners, etc )

 I am used to doing, and get so busy, That I don't stop and see where my wife, our our daughters are and 
what they are needing at the time. I am getting better and I am trying.
People, don't let a crisis come into your life before you start seeing your family!
" Stop and smell the roses ".

One of the Elders wives gave me a  scripture a couple of weeks ago; 
out of Psalms 23 -  " He makes me ", if you don't do it on your own, rest, enjoy life, enjoy your family,
He ( The Lord ) will make you!!! The devil doesn't like anything to do with what please God. 
If he can't get you off of The Word, he will try to get you so busy you don't have time. Guilty!
Praise God for His mercy and grace!!!

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