Monday, April 1, 2013

Prayer for Dad

I'm asking you to pray for our Dad. Right now the doctors
are having him take it easy and watching his heart.  No,
he hasn't had a heart attack, no he's not strictly in bed.
But he's been having problems lately that wearied him a bit.
The cardioligist is wanting to watch him. We did find out
a few years ago that he has a hole in his heart (possibly from
birth), and they said they'd keep an eye on it. Well,
Friday, Dad had an echo done and it shows that his right
side of his heart is enlarged. So he's off work for 10 days
at the moment. Oh yes, his heart rate is low right now.

He doesn't want me to make him out to be weak and helpless
with this post, which for your information, he is not! We
just need to keep an eye on him.

If you could please pray for us, that would be great.
Thank you, Rebecca


  1. Prayers sent!

    I know from my own family's experiences that doctors can do amazing things for people with heart problems. And of course, God will be there every step of the way.

  2. Awe..Praying for him, your Momma and all of your family!
    May the Dr's figure it out and soon!
    Praying that God will give them wisdom.

  3. I trust in God's handywork, by guiding the doctors hands and giving them wisdom. I'm glad there are doctors or I wouldn't be here. Modern medicine, etc. I am in The Lord Jesus hands and if He is not done with me, I will be OK.

    The Lord bless you all, and thanks for your prayers and concerns.