Monday, April 8, 2013


Dad is resting-here, at home. He needs more diagnostic testing. Thankfully,
he doesn't need open heart surgery. They said that the hole in his heart is causing
problems. He needs an esophagus scope and is working at getting that scheduled.
He may need a pace maker. The doctor said for repairing the hole and all the other
tests and stuff would be too much for Dad all in one day. We're trying to get them scheduled
for next week or so. Dad has to really take it easy right now. Please pray that his artery
in his leg doesn't pop open and bleed. If it does, it's absolutely urgent! He's going to be
out of work until all the procedures are complete.

Thank you, everyone for your thoughts and prayers!  Rebecca

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  1. Praying for your dad's strength to endure all this testing! And prayers that your insurance covers these undoubtedly astronomical costs. It is good that you are all there at home to care for him -- being in the hospital is far more stressful!