Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Beauty

These are the beautiful hyacinths we planted. And a picture taken
last year of a little bud. Spring is definitely the time for beauty,
when nature comes alive with vibrant colors. Yes, the allergies are there,
but who doesn't smile or feel cheerful when they see beautiful flowers
blooming? And there's so many different kinds all over the world.
You know, God likes pretty things too. And He likes to share it with us.
In stories, when someone is trying to cheer up a woman, what's the first
thing they give her as a token of admiration, kindness, of repentance?

"Flowers appear on the earth;"
Song of Solomon

1 comment:

  1. It's unfortunate that you can't convey scent over the internet because even more beautiful about hyacinths is their fragrance! Ours are blooming, too, and even though they make me sneeze, there is almost not a better scent in the universe! Yours are beautiful!